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Limited Edition Red Vinyl, Screamin' Rebel Angels Hitch Hike
Limited Edition Red Vinyl, Screamin' Rebel Angels Hitch Hike


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November 10th-12th, 2016: Screamin' Rebel Angels 3 Nights at the legendary Continental Club in Austin, TX!
Thursday November 10th 9:00pm / $8 :: Honky & Screamin' Rebel Angels
Friday November 11th 9:00pm / $10 :: Screamin' Rebel Angels & Patricia Vonne
Saturday November 12th 9:00pm / $15 :: Igor & The Red Elvises & Screamin' Rebel Angels
Screamin' Rebel Angels at The Continental Club in Austin, TX


October 4th, 2016: We are back from our Canadian and Northern Shows and did we have a blast! Thank you! We are getting ready to play for our Friends and Fans in Kentucky and Texas in the next month, but first we have a new Tee Shirt Available starting this weekend at the Hot Rod Fall Out XI, October 8th! Or you can order online here, and shipping starts Monday October 10th. Thank you for your support!
Screamin' Rebel Angels Men's Raglan Tee

Hot Rod Fall Out with Screamin' Rebel Angels

September 27th 2016:Canadian East Coast Friends! Tune in this Tuesday September, 27th at 7:30pm to Mojo Box Radio for a live interview with Laura Rebel Angel on! Archived Here.
Interview with Laura Rebel Angel on Mojo Box Radio, CKDU

September 14th 2016: Ontario Friends! Tune in this Wednesday September, 14th at 4:30pm to Shakin Katz Radio to for a live interview with Laura Rebel Angel! Get the scoops on our Toronto show on Saturday September 17th at West Side Rockabilly Story an unhinged end of summer showdown!
Screamin' Rebel Angels, Shakin' Katz Radio

September 4th 2016: Screamin' Rebel Angels US & Canadian Fall 2016 Dates! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more timely updates! Click here to see all our our dates.
Screamin' Rebel Angels Fall 2016 Tour Dates, Screamin' Rebel Angels, NYC Rockabilly, NYC Rock 'n Roll, Laura Rebel Angel, Pinup, Rock Poster

March 25th 2016: Screamin' Rebel Angels are pleased to announce their Rock 'n Roll Residency at The Roxy Hotel in TriBeCa. This series at the Down Town luxury hotel is curated by Brian Newman (Lady Gaga's Band Leader, and Jazzman about Town), is 3 sets of from 7pm-10pm Friday April 8th & April 22nd.
Screamin' Rebel Angels


March 12th 2016: Screamin' Rebel Angels will be direct support for Tiger Army at the legendary Asbury Park, NJ venue The Stone Pony!
Tiger Army, Screamin' Rebel Angels, Lara Hope and The Ark-Tones at Asbury Park

Nov 29th, 2015: Screamin' Rebel Angels and The Dyes Show at Union Hall! Tickets Here:
Screamin' Rebel Angels & The Dyes at Union Hall

Nov 25th: Screamin' Rebel Angels live in studio interview on The Rodent Hou on BBOX radio! Listen to the archived broadcast here. Special Thank you to for the support and twitter contest gift certificate!
Screamin' Rebel Angels, The Rodent Hour, BBOX Radio

June 18th, 2015: Screamin' Rebel Angels are about to Launch into our Summer Shows! We are excited to play the Midwest and Canada for the first time, so stay in touch, and hope to see you at the next show!

April 27 2015: Screamin' Rebel Angels join Lanark Records Label Mate Robert Gordon at The Bowery Electric May 9th, 2015. Show Starts at 7:30pm. Advance Tickets Available. Facebook Invite.
Screamin' Rebel Angels, Robert Gordon at The Bowery Electric May 9th, 2015

January 2015: Laura Rebel Angel featured in January 2015 Charity Calendar "Business Broads of Brooklyn," to benefit The New York Women's Foundation.
Laura Rebel Angel

October 25th -26th, 2014: Network Television Premiere Raw Travel S2 E4 Underground New York City.
Travel to the NYC Underground with Raw Travel via your Television, while Screamin' Rebel Angels take host Robert Rose on a tour of record stores, boutiques, all-girl car clubs, independent venues and more in Brooklyn. Of course we also play some rock 'n roll too! Airing Nationwide Oct 25-26,Repeats December 20-21 & March 14-15
Screamin' Rebel Angels Appear on Raw Travel

October 9th-19th, 2014: Screamin' Rebel Angels Savage Stomp West Coast Tour!

August 14th: Strap yourself in! Space Out! Tune In! Get ready to Launch! Do not adjust your screen! Screamin' Rebel Angels will be taking over control of your TV set AUGUST 14th at 11:30pm Est on NYC Life (25/22)

Catch the Premiere of Episode 2 of The B-Sides NYC Sessions featuring wild live performances by Screamin' Rebel Angels! Filmed at littlefield in Brooklyn, with interview by Host Kristen Korvette. Watch us have fun from the comfort of your couch!

August 2nd 2014: Screamin' Rebel Angels Open for Surf Guitar Legend Dick Dale at Brooklyn Bowl! Click Here for Photos!

July 29th 2014: Screamin' Rebel Angels open for Imelda May, Sold-Out Show at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Click Here for Photos!

Feb 19th: Screamin' Rebel Angels made the list of top 100 Artists on the Verge for 2014 by NMS! We are pretty surprised to be on that list, with some serious alumni, and the only weird 'billy based rock and roll band!
NMS AOV Top 100 of 2014 with Screamin' Rebel Angels

Jan 28th: Woo! Check us out in Rebel Ink Magazine! It's on Newstands for sale until March 25th! We had the pleasure of playing the Rumbers CC 1st annual Hot Rod and Tattoo Expo, and Rebel Ink was there to cover it! Thank you Rumblers for all your support! "Another band that made their mark on this event was the psychobilly fab four, Screamin' Rebel Angels. Led by singer/guitarist Laura Rebel Angel, this intoxicating quartet set the room on fire with a set filled with twang, bounce and venomous screams, shrills, and thrills. If you've never seen this band, or heard their music, you are absolutely missing out on something special." Article by Miles Anderson, photography by Dan Howell.
Rebel Ink Magazine Feb 2014 Screamin' Rebel Angels Review at The Rumblers Hot Rod and Tattoo Expo

WE FINALLY HAVE VINYL! Vinyl! And it's Limited Edition Red! And it comes with a digital download card and a lot of love sweat and rock 'n roll!

"Hitch Hike" Presales start for limited edition 12" Red Vinyl Full Album with Digital Download Card included. Special Packages available including a 40 page full color book written by Screamin' Rebel Angels including photos, tour stories, lyrics, song inspiration and recording process. Exclusive Presale Tee Shirts with original limited edition art, Record Totes, stickers, patches and pins. Pre-Sales Ship January 24th, 2014.

For our California friends who we will see a few days before the pre-sale shipment, we will have 20 copies of vinyl-goodness before for sale on our California run! So make a mad dash to the merch table as soon as you get to the show, and grab one of very limited early vinyl releases!
Screamin' Rebel Angels, Hitch Hike, 12" Red Vinyl, Independent music, rockabilly

Screamin' Rebel Angels Featured in Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine

Screamin' Rebel Angels are interviewed and featured in Issue #6 of Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine. They discuss their love of writing music, creative process, touring, and stabbing beer cans.
Screamin' Rebel Angels, Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine, Laura Rebel Angel


Screamin' Rebel Angels Perform on The Bill Tush Holiday Special

Holiday cheer from the Bill Tush Holiday Special airing on Christmas Day at 9pm on WMCN44, (airing in Philadelphia) from the studios of Adam Kluger PR

DECEMBER 12 TH, 2013
Screamin' Rebel Angels Plan California Tour
Screamin' Rebel Angels Team up With The Chop Tops to tour California!
Screamin' Rebel Angels The Chop Tops

AUGUST 19, 2013
Screamin' Rebel Angels Release "Sizzle" Music Video
Mayhem! Absurdity! Attacking flocks of pink flamingos! A bevy of fiery rockabilly bombshells who will steal your BBQ and dance on your hearts! Smoking guitars! Fire-shooting starlets! A misunderstood bumbling french waiter! A coconut monkey! A rabid rock ‘n roll band! Good times, high jinks and nonsense! It’s a voodoo luau celebration to the great tiki idol named Rock ‘n Roll, and the world premiere of Screamin’ Rebel Angels first video off their debut full-length album, “Sizzle!”

“Sizzle” is a scorching video that reaches straight into the frenzied soul of rock ‘n roll, and materializes as a delirious afternoon of friends, fun, devouring and dancing. Set in a Tiki Back Yard in the Shadow of an 19th Century Brooklyn Brewery, this independent video is a No More Cookies Production, directed by Gabe Barreto with Executive Producer Laura Rebel Angel.

JULY 24, 2013
Screamin' Rebel Angels make the Cover of UK Rock 'n Roll Magazine!
That's right folks! Screamin' Rebel Angels are on the cover of UK Rock 'n Roll Magazine, with a 3 page spread inside! Available at News Stands in the UK, or order from the publisher, send an email to and they will give you the details!
Screamin' Rebel Angels in UK Rock 'n Roll Magazine

JULY 23, 2013
Mudkiss Fanzine Reviews "Hitch Hike." Click the image to check out the full review, keep scrolling towards the bottom, we're there!
Screamin' Rebel Angels Review in MudKiss Fanzine

JULY 13, 2013
Screamin' Rebel Angels start to film "Sizzle," their first music video from the debut album "Hitch Hike."
Behind The Scenes with Sizzle

JUNE 22, 2013
Screamin' Rebel Angels Release Debut Full Length Album, "Hitch Hike"
Screamin' Rebel Angels Hitch Hike
Hello Friends! Long time no talk! I know normally at this time of year, we are in full on promo mode for the Psychobilly Luau, but with the Luau on hiatus this year, I took the time to release a brand new full length album with my band Screamin' Rebel Angels and tour Europe for a few weeks.  (Tour Photos)  Touring around the US and Europe we met a ton of new friends, and great bands, and I hope to bring them over here for all you guys!  Screamin' Rebel Angels have one show in NYC until September 7th, when we play with The Chop Tops at The Knitting Factory, and that is this Saturday at Rodeo Bar. From there the band is traveling and playing a bunch of great car shows and festivals this summer, and we're working on some new music videos.  But let me tell you about the new record!!!!

HITCH HIKE” is the debut full-length album from Brooklyn based band Screamin’ Rebel Angels, the female fronted combo whose raucous rock and roll revival captures the soul of rock, rockabilly, ‘50s rhythm and blues, country twang and even ‘60s Yé- Yé, with a raging sound all their own. 
HITCH HIKE is that rare album that harnesses a band’s live intensity, and in the case of Screamin’ Rebel Angels, this means an all-out soul-grabbing frenzy.  From its opening rockabilly rager “Sizzle” to its no-holds-barred closer “Saved,” this dance-inducing, gut twisting album offers twelve tracks of unbridled excitement that reveals the strong song-writing talents and musicianship that has turned into the unique sound and fury of Screamin’ Rebel Angels.
Screamin’ Rebel Angels consider HITCH HIKE their strongest work to date. While employing the framework of established genres, their songs express emotions and passions that are both eternal and surprisingly fresh. With the driving garage beat and soaring word play of “Savage Stomp,” the contagious rhythms of “When I’m With You,” and 60’s styled dancer “MayDay”, paired with  the ethereal longings of title track “Hitch Hike” and “My Sweet Boy”, to the smoky New Orleans-style dirge “I Don’t Want To Fight,” this album is the sound of rock 'n roll revival.
This album was recorded independently in 100% analog at NY H.E.D. (Lower East Side, NYC) with recording and mixing engineer Matt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash, Speedball Baby), and was mastered by Ivan Julian (Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Clash).  Produced by Laura Rebel Angel and Matt Verta-Ray, with ten originals written by lead singer and rhythm guitarist Laura “Laura Rebel Angel” Billard and by lead guitarist Brian “Bobo” Hack, with Sean O’Connell on Drums and Simon Chardiet in the studio on Doghouse Bass.
HITCH HIKE is a rock and roll joyride into sin, speed and salvation--buckle up, baby!

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Full Length Debut Album
Out Now!

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